Industry Focus

Focus of our Work

We are engaged in infrastructure projects with strong local aspects, where local partners are jointly engaged with us and projects and implementations could be replicated in other regions. We are using a holistic management approach.

We cover the full process from idea, business planning to execution. Since we founded the company we believe the economy creates value through networking.

To team up different complementary partners and organisations will create higher value, saves resources and time.

Our strengths are to combine commercial knowledge, with social networking and taking care of the environment. To convince people becoming engaged and to understand the project is one key element.

To setup local teams of experts and management who are believers in the project is a key success factor. High performance projects are linked to strong teams.

In the telecommunications sector we build optical fibre access operators that are run by local teams and supported by one agile team and all of them had a joint financial structure.

In the information technology sector we implemented operations support system platform based on open standards for telecom operators to plug in other services and applications from other teams more easily and less costly.

In the renewable energy sector, we delivered several projects linked to local municipalities or cities either in a specific energy generating technology or in a portfolio of generating technologies to cover the energy demand locally. These demand entities could be cities, towns, companies, villages or farms.

Since 2015 we are fully engaged in replicable organic and biodynamic seed production and processing, starting in Portugal to be rolled out along the Mediterranean Sea.