Company Background

Network Economy is an investment and management company with extensive experience in project development. Network Economy's focus are sustainable infrastructure-based projects up to a total investment of 300 million Euros. Experience has been gained over the last 20 years in the following areas:

  • IT, telecommunications and
  • Supply industries,
  • Renewable energy (biomass gasification, wind power, PV, water) and
  • Organic farming.

The issue of sustainable investments and projects require it from our vantage point, to put local needs to the fore, to seek local solutions, but to connect to a networked knowledge base and to have a structural and cross-financing. The task is to implement replicable local models. Stable solutions are based on diversity and not on singularity. In order to generate sustainable income statement impacts, decentralized projects with local involvement are required that use a variety of power input. However, these projects require a networked knowledge sharing, learning curves of various regions and a common financial superstructure so that synergies can be generated easily. The same is true for organic agriculture, which is based on biodiversity, and in particular for organic seeds to create diversity.
A key to success is the close cooperation with local authorities, communities of interest in sustainability, knowledge institutions and locally engaged people who want more independence and transparency by building its own local infrastructure. Central knowledge management, dissemination and training are also important building blocks that will be passed by competent senior experts.
Based on thorough market analyzes, we support entrepreneurs and sustainability-oriented interest groups around the world while developing business concepts, innovations and sustainability strategies. We implement efficient and scalable business models:

• generate additional capital,
• meet the environmental requirements,
• allow a fair share to all stakeholders and
• generate sustainable revenue.

In the joint ventures and joint projects, we assume management functions and are co-investor. We have recorded among other successes in Germany, UK, Malaysia, Spain and Portugal and are currently active in Germany, UK, Serbia, Montenegro and Portugal.
Our best reference for this procedure is a very successful cooperation with citizens, local authorities and municipalities between 1995 and 2000 to implement 14 telecommunications city carriers (fiber optics), supported by local teams and central experts who spread the experience and the knowledge, so that we have superimposed learning curves that added up. Participatory investments are essential. The 14 profitable operators were purchased in August 2000 by an international telecommunications company.
With the experience from telecommunication- and IT - industries in which such modular concepts are implemented once locally as a pilot project, then replicated in other regions and further on rolled out with the necessary adjustments, we gained significant synergies. This procedure increases definitely the efficiency in the implementation of projects in terms of

- Speed
- Required capital
- Profitability

We have 20 years of combined entrepreneurial experience and have established our branches in more than 16 companies successfully built and sold, and accompanied our partners in numerous strategic growth projects.
Our strength is our partner network of experienced entrepreneurs, industrialists and scientists to support companies as possible and to allow new growth, and innovation.
Currently we are working in accordance with those principles for the rollout of biodynamic and organic seed companies in the Mediterranean. The organic seed company "Living Seeds Sementes Vivas" in Portugal is the prototype, "Semillas Vivas" in Spain the daughter company and France and Maroc are in operation from 2020. Future  modules in other regions will be based on our experiences in the Iberian Peninsula.