Business idea in 1997 and Execution Strategy until 2000


  • Setting up co-location centres in major European cities
  • In cities like Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Zurich, London co-location centres are needed to bridge the gaps of access to financial and industrial customers for international carriers and using the capacity for seamless bandwidth services


  • Joint Venture with Real Estate Company and Financial Partner
  • Based on the experience designing the first independent Telehouse in London as co-location centre the management team followed the idea to spread co-location between European city centres close to the financial communities.
  • The up coming different access infrastructure combined with the Internet peering growth accelerated the space rental to international telco's.
  • The real-estate partner helped to identify and rent an appropriate building under attractive conditions. In addition the growing mobile networks in cities demanded for additional co-location space and brought additional growth

Investment Execution:

  • Joint venture with local business’ and entrepreneurs to set-up Collocation Centre
  • Close cooperation with DTAG centre to obtain backup power at lower than market rates
  • Connecting ventures via share holders to TIMe City Carriers and RMN the regional backbone network feeding customers into the collocation centre
  • Provision of specific know-how for the building work, health & safety regulation, purchase & financing of electrical, environmental and mechanical systems needed.
  • Risk Management by taking active management role (Joint MD from TIMe)
  • Supporting ventures by entrepreneurial expertise

Successful Exit:

  • After one year of operation investment RoE of 3.3 times was realized. TeleBridge was sold to JP Morgan Capital Partners which later rolled the collocation centre into their holding in IXEurope. The center operates now under the name of IXEurope Frankfurt