IP VALUE Technologies

Business idea in 2000 and Execution Strategy until today


  • Service Modelling combined with automation of service delivery and simplification of integration process in Telco’s multi-vendor OSS/BSS environment - need for standardized software solutions in a proprietary market


  • Setting up software product company, IP VALUE, as joint venture with a system integrator and venture capital investors (adesso AG and Private Bank Sal. Oppenheim)
  • Focusing of the development around open OSS Products, APIs and tools based on the evolving industry standard “OSS through Java” (OSS/J)
  • Delivery of the first OSS/J certified product worldwide
  • Establishing of OSS/J as a component based system integration method in the telco community
  • Joint product development with Vodafone Germany and R&D
  • Global promoting of OSS/J with Vodafone on a worldwide basis
  • TeleManagement Forum (350 carriers and vendors) promotes OSS/J as implementation technology for its technology-neutral “New Generation Operational System and Software” (NGOSS) program
  • IP VALUE is now OSS/J core competence centre in Europe supporting large telco's and vendors. Partnerships with and supplier of Agilent, BMC, HP, IBM , Siemens, Sun and others

Exit Strategy:

  • IP VALUE is front runner in a growing market for standard based integration and has secured key customers like Vodafone - our vision is the standardization of Telecomms industry