Business idea in 2000, Investment in 2001, Exit in 2005

Business Concept:

  • Enabling of efficient and automated collaboration among utilities, Telco's and public sector in infrastructure management processes through interoperable Geographical Information Systems (GIS), automated and efficient sharing of heterogeneous Geodata, and Implementation of comprehensive Geodata Infrastructures.


  • Investing by taking majority stake in independent software vendor GeoTask AG, CH, jointly with Sal. Oppenheim; software developer of platform-independent and open (Open GIS) software and solutions.
  • Focusing software development and product portfolio on ISO and OGC (Open GIS Consortium) standards, critical GIS business processes, Geoportal solutions, and GIS integration.
  • Developing business models and software solutions for Geodata Service Providers to enable better distribution and marketing of public sector Geodata.
  • Developing company into one of the major suppliers for Geodata infrastructure software and solutions with customers on national and European level: Swiss and German Federal Office of Topography as well as EuroGeographics, representing nearly all European National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies as customers.
  • Marketing of national Geodata-Infrastructure solutions on a broad scale.

Exit strategy:

  • Establishing GeoTask as one of the leading suppliers in Europe of open GIS software and solution vendor and innovation leader in fast growing market for Geodata Infrastructures, Collaboration and GIS-Integration – acquisition target for bigger GIS software vendors and system integrators.
  • Exit in 2005 through sale to GIS system integrator PRO DV AG.