Stefan Doeblin

Founder and Chairman of Network Economy

Stefan founded in 1995 the Network Economy Group. He is an entrepreneur and the chairman and CEO of the company. Stefan worked for more than 20 years in the telecom sector, 8 years in the renewable energy sector and now in the organic and biodynamic agriculture sector.

Drawing on these experiences Stefan concluded he needed to support more important and fundamental issues: Healthy food and seeds. Often Life starts with seeds and seeds are more and more missing in the world of technology. Seeds influenced by a positive spirit of humans become cultural seeds. In close cooperation with Demeter International and as a member of the German biodynamic breeding association Kultursaat e.V. he took the challenges to set up an initiative of plant breeding and seed propagation for Southern Europe and the Mediterranean starting in Portugal. Together with a founding team Living Seeds Sementes Vivas SA came to life in July 2015. To be a farmer became the best phase of his life. In 2013 he supported a permaculture herbs project in Vierzon, France, to localize ingredients for an organic cosmetic manufacture and he is member of the Permaculture Association UK.

Before he has worked on community energy projects in the UK to support municipalities and farmers to generate and sell their own power and heat. During his activity at Network Economy he has developed more than 20 ventures in the past 20 years, with an average investment period of around 5 -7 years.  Trade sales have been very successful with a multiple equity factor. He always created business models with the target to replicate local models.

Before that he invested and developed several renewable energy projects in the UK, Germany, Malaysia (wind- & solar parks, energy from waste based on gasification) jointly with International Power plc and Atco Power plc, local energy park for the town of Greiz jointly with the local utility EV Greiz and gasification of empty fruit bunches jointly with FELDA, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Before Stefan has created a conglomerate of fibre access local loop companies as joint ventures with Local Utilities, Ruhrgas companies (E.ON) and Siemens AG which was sold to Elisa Communications, a Finish telecommunications company.

Past experiences include being Managing Director of Metropolitan Fibre Systems Communications in Germany, where Stefan successfully set up the first local loop access carrier in competition to Deutsche Telekom.  Stefan has also been the Business Development Manager at British Telecom, where he was responsible for acquisitions and strategic alliances for BT Europe.

Education: He has University Degrees in Mathematics and Wirtschaftsingenieur (business engineering) of University Goettingen and Technical University Berlin.

Author/Editor of “Software development of large projects”, Muenchner Kreis “Telecommunications and Capital Markets”, “Open Source, Open Innovation”

Initiated and organised events: “how to admit failure” jointly with Ars Electronica Linz and Muenchner Kreis, 10/2010

International Seed Conference in Brussels 22/01/2014 & Seed festivals in London, Brussels and other European cities 11-12/10/2014 jointly with Demeter International.